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apply home to self – 98% complete dot dot dot

an old chinese rabbi once said: “all good things come to an end and pass me that egg-salad please”. I couldn’t agree more. so almost no more crazy trippy phun thingies for me and no more little ayals coming into your inbox every two days. yaaayyy. BUT i gathered all the mails i had sent so far and threw them in a little box so you can enjoy them forever more. i will keep throwing things in that box, there are so many pikshures i didn’t upload and un-told stories [especially about the robbery in b.a {eww eww what's that? wait and see!}]  so feel free to visit the box then and again and tell me what you phinque.

oh, tonight i am leaving brasil to, yet again… BUENOS AIRES. just for 10 days. then rome. then home. a gnome:
[this was a nice huge crab in gmail]

[if you squint your eyes it looks even better!]


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