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don’t stop till you get enough

not many people know this, but i taught michael jackson how to dance. he called me one day when i was still a little sperm and asked me to show him some moves, so i wiggled my tail and the “moon-walk” was created. But that spermophile tried to molest me and i decided to end the relationship. on his deathbed, he sent me this email, and asked me to share it with the world:
subject: i am about to die

dear Ayal,

I want you to know that i am very thankful for the dance-moves you taught me when you were a sperm. I am sorry I tried to molest you and I wish you all the best. Please tell the world that I never wanted to actually molest anyone, i just love little penises children so much and i blame everything on the boogie.

you are the best dancer in the world.



I hope you enjoy his last email as much as i did and finally acknowledge my superior dancing skillz.

anyways, still in brasil for the next 10 days but generally i stop soon because i got enough.

oh and I only took pictures of clouds lately and besides I lost my camera cable – so the pixelz today are from tim burton’s up-coming movie.
Ayal: everybody say “wow!”
Everybody: “wow!”

keep on with the force and see you soon!

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