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Order and Progress

I didn’t go see Jesus today either. Everyone in Rio goes to see Jesus. As for me.. the beach is my Jesus. my Moses. my mOther. my wOmb.
we smoke one. tobocco is hardly involved.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .

human faces all around. they all mean more to me now. every move of the chin. every dormant smile. I see them. I am waking. I am born again. hello everybody! helloooooo.. la la laaaa.
“broken social scene” is very appropriate right now. cause = time. I experience no time. its all the same again. I am walking but nothing really changes around me or within me. I somehow reach the water. no, no, no. the water reaches me. almost no one swims today. the waves are massive and one breaks strongly a few feet ahead. yes, feet. so much noise it makes. brrooaaarr. the white foam is so close now and I stumble when it hits me with great momentum. yes, momentum. my hip hurts. I fell in the jungle a few days ago while trying to run, jump, and hang on a big (wet) branch –> error. hehe. I hurry to go past the white smoke of the broken waves. Now in deep waterz. little ripples make the waves creamy. I swim in blueberry-cream-cheese. I wonder if some salmon fish are swimming under. it would make a great sandwich. the mountains of water are advancing towards and upwards. . I grow smaller and smaller. I’m so tiny. every time they wash over me I shout underwater. aaaaauuummmm. eeeee. some dolphins answer my calls. they are alright, having fun chewing under-water cables and making us all sound like aliens on skype. wait, wtf is that?? wow…… that wave is a HUGE. it came all the way from Africa I think. And it’s all mine. water gets shallow before it comes near. i get sucked in. I paddle as hard as I can. Got it! I feel it as it carries me higher than I was ever today. will it take me to shore? no, waves are treacherous creatures. it shakes me off. I hit the bottom. my hip twists. cracks. I roll 14 times. I am a seaweed. a shrimp. a grain of sand. I wait with no air until the wave has finished its game with me. it lets me go. I stand up and I can breathe again. its nice to breathe. haaa. I do only that for a while. I’m amazed that I survived. the waves behind me are calm again, but I had enough of that. I can now maybe walk a little and experience some order and progress. I walk for 3 million years maybe and then reach my music again. its different now. its THAT song. good choice. I lay on my belly. there is so much sand in my belly-button and even more sand in my pupik. hehehe. pupeek. poopeak? nevermind. I am already dry. a man comes with an umbrella. many colours of hats are hanging from it. Emily buys a hat and bargains its price without saying a word. All with hand gestures and telepathy. white-hat. black-magic. I complain about my hip. she calls me an old man. I’ve heard that before. I draw an old man in her notebook. the dutch girls get up to go in the water. apparently they were here all the time.
“say hi to the waves for me” – I ask
They will.
“Same! tell them I’ll see them later, if not tomorrow,” Emily says. I laugh. haha.
ha ha.
I urge her to go in the water.
she says she cant handle it right now.
I cant handle her right now.

oh, and today some many years ago moses was given the 10 commandments by god, so jewish people everywhere randomly eat cheese and throw water baloons at eachother!

we made pasta with feta cheese and french fries yesterday. my grandmother is a genius. oh and fried eggplants. Emily insisted that we add broccoli to the dish. I agreed and felt the influx of vitamins and minerals.


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