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Pão, Pão, Pão de Queijo

aahhmm ahhmm..
if you happen to be peckish
or you’re starving for some food
and especially, especially
after smoking something good
please do yourself a favour – head over to the store
and buy some Pão de Queijo and then, of course, buy more!
PãLa PãLa PãPã!
Pão, Pão, Pão de Queijooooo
PãLa PãLa PãPo!
gimme some moooo’.
it’s as simple as it gets
all you need is cheese and bread
and if the bread is warm
the cheese will melt, my friend
and if you’re on a diet
to you I recommend -
stop it right away!
do you comprehend?!
PãLa PãLa PãPã.. etc.
so yeah its nice here
i think i arrived at rio de janeiro yesterday
for some reason its May now and not April.. when did april finish exactly?!
yesterday i went to the favellas alone and made Pão de Queijo with all the children there
but instead of flour we used cocaine and we mixed everything with M16s and baked it all in hell.
pixelz are attached
AAAND this time we also have moving pixelz! yay!
i send you all love and binary code:
01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101
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