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we all know that during this time of year, certain lights shine from above and certain winds blow from afar telling stories of “exodus” – an old one, new ones and future ones. I saw it very fitting to leave Egypt-Aires and head to where our merciful father miraculously parts the waters every day. I was delayed for a short while since Egypt-Aires, as we know so well, demands payment before it lets you leave. And so the plagues came upon me and my Egyptian body fell ill. But this all has passed-over and I have now exited the hostel-of-sins-and-slavery and beyond the parting-waters my eyes will be set on a different land where there must definitely be some milk, honey, beaches and FREEEEDDDOOOOMMMMM.

may we all exit our Egypts and part our waters and find some beaches and bitches and kitchens and within them some quiches.
OmnOmnOm. amen.

pixels shall follow as soon as I actually take some pictures.


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