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alka selzer and jesus rings

..we sat on some brooklyn roof and the city was blinking softly in front of us. *blinque* *blinque*. this would never fit in my camera, it hardly fits in my brain. I remember telling myself that lighting a cigarette would be my small contribution to the whole blinking action. I am the master of finding excuses to all my trippy sins. the slope of the concrete thing we were sitting on was steep enough to make us start sliding down very slowly towards the ground. For 10 good minutes we were two laughing snails racing on a 45 degree cement slope, our little hearts beating synchronously. the harder we laughed the faster we fell. hehe. hehehe. hehehehehehehe… heheheh….. and laughing like this – I reminded me of me :)

thank you Avital, my laughing snail friend.
thank you New York, my blinking city.
thank you laughter.
thank me..
coming soon:


no pixels this time, every picture would be a lie.


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