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☼ On an Island ☼

I spent my last days in Bolivia eating cheesecakes and using the internet way too much. It was clear that a change was needed but it wasn’t clear how the change could still include some cheesecakes.
Panama city was a great solution and since Max announced he would come meet me there, I took a flight there and was very happy and thrilled and dreamt twice about Sonko .
A few days and cheesecakes later Max issued a new announcement saying that he can not make it to panama and that he might be gay. I was struck by disappointment and the strong desire to eat some kind of pastry that involved cheese. I passed a week in P.C enjoying very much the company of 3 Israeli guys from Yemen who were very funny and made me JACHNUN on a Saturday morning.
..But the fact that I had almost met some friend from home brought up in me a mixture of feelings and body fluids that demanded movement and drastic measures. So I decided to go to paradise and then come to New York to meet Avital.
yes, as soon as I landed here I saw too kids eating GIANT doughnuts and you need to really make an effort to avoid eating 5 doughnuts and a hot-dog as soon as you touch American soil.
So… I would be here for a while exploring all the parks and the squirrels that this city has to offer me and then go see Radiohead in B.A.
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