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~~ erst der filter bringt die bilder ~~

Hay Bolivia.. La patita fea – turned out to be the exact opposite of the common(-)Israeli’s opinion about it. “It is not the season for Bolivia” they tell you, “The food will kill you” they scare you further – Well.. So far I beg to differ. Last week I did my first “Jungle-Testing-Testing-1-2-3″ In the whereabouts of Samaipata before continuing further into the real thing near Villa Tunari. Hmmmfff… What else? I smoke alot these days.. oh hehe.. normal cigarettes I mean.. the other stuff goes without saying. It started with the notorious after-the-hanky-panky-cigi and went rapidly downhill from there. Keep telling myself i would stop when i come back to the holy land <*taking out a cigarett now*>. Currently taking it TrAnQuILLo in Santa Cruz, getting used to the concept of a travelling partner whose grandfather’s background is a problematic issue ;]
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